Minibus Instructor/Assessor Qualifications


As you may already know, you don't have to hold a PCV category on your licence to drive a minibus, unless you're driving commercially. However, derived from this there exists a dangerous and illegal misconception which suggests that you don't have to hold a PCV category to teach someone to drive a minibus.

However, the Law is quite clear in stating that you must either hold a full PCV D or D1 category on your licence, by passing a separate test in that specific category of vehicle, for 3 years before you can legally teach someone to drive a minibus.

If you hold a D1 (101) restricted category on your licence because you passed your car test before 1997, this is NOT a full entitlement because the D1 entitlement was not obtained by passing a separate test. Therefore, you are not legally qualified to act as a minibus instructor or assessor.

DSA (Driving Standards Agency) clarifies minibus instructor qualifications

Drivers with implied minibus driving entitlements, i.e. drivers who are allowed to drive minibuses on their car licence – under certain conditions, cannot give instruction or act as supervising drivers. Only a vocational D1/D licence holder who has held either category for at least 3 yeas could supervise a minibus driver.

See confirmation letter dated 7th June 2007 (DVLA letter dated 8th August 2007 PDF 92kb opens new window)

DVLA (Driver & Vehicle licensing Agency) clarifies minibus assessor qualifications

Drivers who just hold the standard car licence entitlements cannot act as instructors or supervising assessors for drivers of minibuses. Drivers who continue may be committing an offence and liable to prosecution.

See confirmation letter dated 8th August 2007 (DVLA letter dated 8th August 2007 PDF 130kb opens new window)

Is there an ADI (Approved Driving instructor) qualification
for Buses, Coaches or Minibuses?

If you were learning to drive a car or truck then you would benefit from either the DSA’s (Driving Standards Agency) ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) network or a list of qualified LGV instructors. However, when it comes to learning to drive a minibus, bus or coach things become rather more difficult as there is currently no ADI qualification for D or D1 (minibus) instructors.

What qualifications do I need to become a minibus driving instructor/assessor?

Legally the only qualifications required for a minibus instructor/assessor is a FULL PCV D or D1 category, obtained by passing a separate driving test in a minibus, bus or coach and the category being held for a minimum of 3 years. Legally No other qualifications are required.

Other instructor/assessor qualifications

In the absent of a specific bus or coach ADI qualification many professional instructors hold more than the required minimum PCV licence. In addition other qualifications include;

  • Car or truck ADI
  • ADI fleet trainer
  • NVQ level 3 Diploma PCV Driving Instruction

Professional minibus Driving Instructors Wanted - please contact us.

We currently receive a large number of enquiries for D1 minibus driver training which we forward-on to professionally qualified instructors.

If you are a professional minibus instructor or training provider and would like to receive enquiries for your area or feature your driving courses on the minibus website, please contact us with your details.

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