Funding - Transport within the community

A new self-supporting community transport funding solution from You Me Community

A new funding initiative to help community transport charities and commercially licensed operators work together is currently in development from “You Me Community.

Created to help resolve road passenger transport issues and provide new initiatives, the incentive offers a new independent and self-supporting approach to transport funding solutions.

The objective is to help community transport charities and commercially licensed operators work together to lighten the financial burden faced by many community transport based charities.

The incentive could help provide that vital link that, not only covers transport costs, but also bridges the financial gap between the cost of a hired vehicle direct from a commercially licensed operator, instead of using a vehicle under the standard permit system.

The incentive would also give voluntary organisations more time and resources to devote towards providing other much needed care and support services within the community.

Community charities would be free from the arduous and complex responsibilities of finding the extra funds for replacing minibuses, training volunteers to hold the right type of licence and trying to keep up with minibus legislation, as this would be provided by the commercial operator.

Other Benefits could also see a resolve to disputed claims of unfair competition made by commercial operators concerning standard permit holders.

The incentive also plans to provide resources to help and involve the whole community with their transport needs and eliminate the complicated rules, procedures and funding cut-backs which often restrict transport growth.

The You Me Community solution would enable all parties to work together to provide a higher standard of transport, provide local employment and bring people and local businesses together through transport within the community, without exhausting the financial resources of Local or Central Government.

For more information visit the 'You Me Community' website.


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