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Wheelchair Tie-Down Training (Wheelchair Clamping)

Wheelchair Tie Down and Occupant Restraint Systems (W.T.O.R.S) are the most important pieces of equipment fitted to an accessible vehicle. Used correctly, they are very effective in preventing injury to wheelchair passengers while travelling in these vehicles. Used incorrectly, the consequences are unthinkable if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

We are an official UNWIN training partner, and Q'Straint's  sole recommended trainer and we carry all current equipment with us to training sessions. Our training vehicle is also fully tracked and fitted with third point fixing and  an NMI RIP seat and Safe Rider.

Courses can be tailored to suit clients' requirements and can be linked with other equipment courses. A certificate and individual trainee report will be issued on the successful completion of the training. News  There are two new manufactures offering WTORS equipment, we have this equipment in for appraisal and have been authorised to train on this equipment.

Passenger Lift Training

Community Transport Training have been trained by all of the major passenger tail lift manufacturers including Ratcliff Palfinger, PLS, Ricon, AMF. Braun. Dhollandia. Hidral Gobel. as fitted to minibuses and coaches.

Training will cover the correct and safe operation of the lift, including:

  •   The emergency manual operation
  •   Correct loading options
  •   The importance of the SWL
  •   Maintenance and daily checks

A certificate and individual report will be issued on completion of the training. This course can be combined with the wheelchair tie-down equipment course.

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Wheelchair Tie Down and Occupant Restraint Systems
Passenger Lift Training

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