Assessments & D1 licence

Many drivers are legally permitted to drive a minibus on their car licence, whether they've passed a car driving test before 1997 or driving a minibus under the strict derogations of a standard permit as an unpaid volunteer. However, there are circumstances where a driver is legally required to hold a full D1 licence category, obtained through a separate driving test, before driving a minibus.

For drivers who need to attain a D1 entitlement on their licence the process will include: a medical, applying for a provisional entitlement, theory test and a practical DVSA minibus driving test.

All organisations operating a minibus are also responsible, under the Health & Safety regulations, to ensure that all their drivers are properly assessed and trained regardless of the face value of individual licence categories or any certificates held.

Find your local and qualified Minibus Instructor/Assessor

Use the drop down menu below to find your local and qualified minibus Instructor/Assessor for D1 minibus driver training courses and assessments available in your area.


Assessment or D1 licence training?

Do you know which type of minibus training to choose for your drivers – A driving assessment or training for D1 (minibus) licence?

The licence category legally required to drive a minibus can differ from organisation to another.

The "Licence Checker" within MORC will help you determine which drivers need an assessment or D1 licence training

Just one of the ways MORC can help you manage your minibus

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